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CTFTCentre Technique Forestier Tropical (French: Center for Tropical Forests; Centre de Cooperation Internationale en Recherche Agronomique pour le Developpement; France)
CTFTContinuous-Time Fourier Transform
CTFTColor Thin Film Transistor
cTFTCold Water Tail Flick Test (bioelectromagnetics)
CTFTCohomological Topological Field Theories
CTFTCSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific & Industrial Research Organization) Textile and Fibre Technology (Australia)
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1-inch high-resolution CTFT display offering 1024 x 768 resolution.
No other notebook computer in this price/performance category offers a CTFT panel, giving the Armada 1100 a unique advantage over every competitor in its class.
New LTE 5300, Model 1350, CTFT 800x600 $5,999 (A) New LTE 5280, Model 1350, CTFT 800x600 5,399 (A) LTE 5200, Model 1350, CTFT 800x600 4,999 (A) LTE 5100, Model 810 CD, CTFT 800x600 4,599 (A) LTE 5100, Model 810, CTFT 800x600 4,199 (A) LTE 5000, Model 810, CTFT 3,799 (A) LTE 5000, Model 810, CSTN 800x600 3,399 (A) LTE 5000, Model 510, CSTN 2,999 (A)
o CTFT or CSTN displays, featuring 32-bit local bus