CTFUCracking the Freak Up (polite form)
CTFUCT-scan Follow-up
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donde, CTEU: costo total economico unitario; CTFU: costo total financiero unitario; MONR: costo de la mano de obra familiar y del productor no remunerada; CGE; costo de la gestion empresarial; RCNI: retorno o pago al capital neto invertido, y Y: rendimientos obtenidos.
2) railway telephony - Support systems for telecom service (SIAM-ST)- Telephone switches for railway operation (CFTC CTFU * * ETPs).
The Navy's continuing effort to reduce the size of the seabag and outfit the Sailor of the future reaches another milestone with the release of Task Force Uniform's CTFU) wear-test participant survey.