CTHPChild/Teen Health Program (New York)
CTHPConsolidated Tribal Health Project (Santa Rosa, CA)
CTHPCombined Take Home Pay
CTHPCat Tamm-Horsfall Protein
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It is recommended that a comprehensive study may be launched to eventually assess the status of the subspecies throughout its distribution range with known certainty by using standard distance sampling and computing methodology and then in the light of that assessment the management of the species may be planned for its conservation and sustainable harvest in the form of CTHP in the long term.
Being largest intact population, Punjab Urial is very important from a conservation standpoint (Awan et al., 2004) and poverty alleviation in the local communities through implementation of CTHPs. For sustainable trophy hunting, initial requirement is to establish safe annual hunting quota in order not to affect population of a species negatively through artificial selection by hunting males having larger horns; such effects known for some species in other parts of the world.
Thus the received signal for dTHP and cTHP respectively can be expressed as,
[[??].sub.k.sup.(cTHP)] = [summation over (l=1,2)] 0.5(Q(M([T.sup.(l)T][r.sup.(l)(cTHP)]))),
Also MMSE- cTHP achieves better performance compared to MMSE- dTHP.
Eighty percent of the revenue from CTHP goes to local communities whereas 20% is taken by the custodian department for vigilance and regulation.