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CTICUCardio-Thoracic Intensive Care Unit
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Before the PADOH/CDC on-site investigation had begun, hospital A had closed and deconstructed the CTICU for renovation.
Five days prior to admission to CTICU, the patient had been readmitted to hospital with severe dyspnoea attributable to congestive heart failure, worsening renal impairment (serum creatinine 241 [micro]mol/l) and anaemia.
The hospital medical records numbers of the first 100 patients admitted to the CTICU in 1997 were recorded.
At YNHH, the ICUs include the SICU/NICU (surgical and neurosurgical), MICU, CTICU, CCU, PediICU, and NBSCU.
The cardiothoracic intensive care unit (CTICU) of a western university-affiliated tertiary care hospital was the setting for this study.
There was a maximum of 12 MICU, 16 S/TICU, 14 CCU, 8 N/NSICU, and 8 CTICU beds.