CTIECentre for Telecommunications and Information Engineering (Monash University; Australia)
CTIEChrist the Teacher Institute for Education (est. 1992; St. Mary's University; Minnesota)
CTIECenter for Technology Innovations in Education
CTIECertified Travel Industry Executive (business certification)
CTIEChurches Together in England (UK)
CTIECommunication Technologies in Education
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8220;Our choice of using D2 as key element of our ECM program to roll out EMC Documentum is now confirmed and supported by EMC's decision to make D2 its key interface to EMC Documentum,” states Pierre Schilling, deputy director of CTIE.
Peters CTIE, vice president - Travel Trade and Business Development, Endless Vacation Rentals
The consultant in charge of the mission will assist the CTIE in the implementation of projects to create websites and web portals quality.
The CTIE evaluates management style and effectiveness, providing an alternative certification option for industry leaders who feel that an executive certification more appropriately represents their role.
Jurni's purpose is to provide our members with the ultimate marketing and relationship management so that they can give star treatment to their clients, and our 'Award Winning Travel' campaign does just that," said Mike Baldwin, CTIE, general manager of Jurni Network.
Winning in travel in the 21st century takes more than a sound strategy and an ability to squeeze out costs," says Tharwat Abouraya, CTIE, Founder and President of Travel Business CPR.
Contract notice: Implementation of projects to create quality web portals that CTIE place on behalf of its various customers in the coming years.
Our mission is to help our members and suppliers build sales and create repeat business through innovative marketing," said Mike Baldwin, CTIE, General Manager of Jurni Network.
CTIE assistance in the production of visual graphics , video and print for guichet.
Given our common roots in customer service and local business operations, we believe this is a win-win for Enterprise and travel agencies, and will help enable us to deliver on our customers' expectations for outstanding service when they book their travel arrangements," said Ron Cerko, CTIE, vice president of travel industry relations.
The contract is to assist the Helpdesk CTIE service to ensure the support of the first and second grade .
This program is a way for us to show our appreciation of our members' efforts to book travel with our preferred suppliers and to use specific products and tools from Jurni Network," said Mike Baldwin, CTIE, general manager of Jurni Network.