CTISCentral Tire Inflation System
CTISCapital Technology Information Services (Maryland)
CTISCalifornia Teratogen Information Service
CTISCertified Travel Industry Specialist
CTISCombat Terrain Information System
CTISComputed Tomography Imaging Spectrometer
CTISChurches Together in Sidcup (Sidcup, UK)
CTISCommand Tactical Information System (Pacific Command)
CTISCalifornia Transportation Investment System
CTISCurriculum Technology Integration Specialist
CTISCrawler Transporter Intercom System (NASA)
CTISCorporate Technical Information System (Ford Motor Company)
CTISClinical Trials Information System
CTISCable Television Installation & Service (Tampa, FL)
CTISCable Television Installation and Service
CTISCommissioned Time in Service
CTISCertified Timber Infestation Surveyor
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During this fielding, PD CTIS would provide new equipment training to the center community, which represents a combined audience of multiple Services.
Drivers, is the CTIS light on the dash of your LTAS FMTV lit?
The rear axles, planetary tandem and built by AxleTech with CTIS installed, have a capacity of 68,039kg.
The study, conducted by researchers from California Teratogen Information Service (CTIS) Pregnancy Health Information Line, uses data obtained by counsellors at the CTIS Pregnancy Health Information Line, a toll-free service offering evidence-based clinical information about exposures during pregnancy and breastfeeding.
The CTIS system can operate in five modes; highway, cross-country air transport, sand/mud/snow and emergency.
The TerraMax is being proposed for the Autonomous Mobility Applique System (AMAS) programme launched by the Robotics Systems Joint Project Office that requires a kit capable of fully exploiting a platform's mobility, whci includes operating its CTIS, axle lock, engine brake, etc.
CTIS allows military vehicles to move over all types of harsh and soft soil conditions without getting bogged down.
It creates corrosion that plugs up the entire air system, including brake valves and cylinders, CTIS filters, and gladhands.
Suspensions are independent, with progressive springs and hydraulic shock absorbers, with CTIS fitted as standard.
Interestingly, Verhoff said that Oshkosh was also using a CTIS system in commercial applications.