CTLDController Description
CTLDC-Type Lectin-Like Domain (immunology)
CTLDChurches Together in Lincoln and District
CTLDCommunity Team for Learning Disabilities (UK)
CTLDCountry Top-Level Domain
CTLDCriminal Trial Listing Directorate (Australia)
CTLDCenter for Trade Law and Development (UK)
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We recently demonstrated that the CTLD of CD72 recognizes Sm/RNP, an RNA-related self-antigen crucial in the development of lupus, as mentioned above, but not other self-antigens including DNA.
SPR analysis using recombinant CD72 CTLD protein revealed that the binding affinity of [CD72.sup.c] CTLD to Sm/RNP was weaker than that of [CD72.sup.a] CTLD.
Abbreviations: BCR: B cell receptor; CTLD: C-type lectin-like domain; DC: dendritic cell; IFN: interferon; Ig: immunoglobulin; ITIM: immunoreceptor tyrosine-based inhibition motif; MZ: marginal zone; NA: nucleic acid; PAMP: pathogen-associated molecular pattern; PRR: pattern recognition receptor; SLE: systemic lupus erythematosus; TNF: tumor necrosis factor.
de servicos de Tipo de servico hemoterapia Atuacao Hemocentro Coordenador (HC) 33 (b) Coordenacao estadual Hemocentro Regional (HR) 60 Macrorregional estadual Nucleo de Hemoterapia (NH) 248 Macrorregional estadual Unidade de Coleta e 157 Microrregional Transfusao (UCT) Unidade de Coleta (UC) 29 Microrregional Central de Triagem 8 Macro ou microrregional Laboratorial de ou local Doadores (CTLD) Agencia Transfusional (AT) 1 544 Local Total 2 079 Tipo de servico Descricao Hemocentro Coordenador (HC) Referencia tecnica em hematologia e hemoterapia para a producao de sangue e componentes, ensino e pesquisa (capacitacao de recursos humanos) e integracao dos estabelecimentos hemoterapicos do estado; apoio a elaboracao de politicas estaduais de sangue.
Pristionchus Bursaphelechus clusters elegans pacificus xylophilus Lysozymes 3 15 14 14 Antimicrobial 0 11 0 0 caenacins Caenopores or 9 23 6 2 saposin-like Neuropeptide-like 18 47 9 10 proteins (NLPs) Thaumatins (THNs) 1 8 1 1 Defensin-like ABF 2 6 3 0 proteins C type lectin 34 265 66 4 domain-containing proteins (CTLD) Immune effector Steinernema Brugia Ascaris Trichinella carpocapsae malayi suum spiralist [dagger] [dagger] Lysozymes 8 2 2 0 Antimicrobial 0 0 0 0 caenacins Caenopores or 7 1 4 1 saposin-like Neuropeptide-like 15 7 11 1 proteins (NLPs) Thaumatins (THNs) 1 0 0 0 Defensin-like ABF 0 0 5 0 proteins C type lectin 15 3 19 0 domain-containing proteins (CTLD) * For example, there are 265 C.
& 10 Lysozyme CLEC-48 & 50 C type domain-containing proteins (CTLD) CLEC-178 CTLD CLEC-56 CTLD CLEC-3,10, & 11 CTLD CLEC-150 CTLD FIP-1-like FIDR protein C.
Specificity of the innate immune system and diversity of C-type lectin domain (CTLD) proteins in the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans.
Six of them were localized to the C-type lectin-like domains (CTLDs, one in CTLD1, one in CTLD2, two in CTLD6, and two in CTLD8), whereas one was located to the N-terminal cysteine-rich region (C-R) [57].