CTLEContinuous-Time Linear Equalizer (signal processing)
CTLECenter for Teaching and Learning Excellence (various locations)
CTLEContinuous-Time Linear Estimation
CTLECytotoxic T Lymphocyte Effector (immune response cell)
CTLECentral Tablelands Livestock Exchange (Australia)
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For the full eight week analysis, 23 animals remained, divided into six animals in the CTLE group, seven in the TAE, seven in the TAN and five in the TCc.
Besides, the undersampling method alleviates the circuit timing constraints and simplifies the circuit design, and we use the active-inductor technology to improve the performance of the CTLE module.
The results for the real part, imaginary part, and magnitude of [S.sub.21] for the three CTLE configurations are collected in the first, second, and third row of Figure 7, respectively.
With the compliance board in place and pre-emphasis optimized, configure the CTLE gain as defined by the spec, typically 1 dB to 3 dB, to produce the greatest EH(BER).
It gives engineers the ability to add or remove channel effects associated with fixtures or test point access and enables the addition of DFE/FFE/ CTLE equalization effects to the device under test."
We have determined that a -8 dB continuous time linear equalization (CTLE) function is the optimal for a system, and now we are ready to do the card electromechanical (CEM) measurements.
And, when your FFE or CTLE process has been implemented, it works seamlessly with EZJIT or EZJIT+ software to perform jitter separation on the equalized waveform.
The eye diagram at the end of the channel in USB 3.0 is closed so a continuous time linear equalization (CTLE) function is applied to the signal to recover the eye for compliance measurements.