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The polarization information for the CTLR and DCP modes will be similar because of the above linear relationship, which means that the CP reconstruction result for these two modes will be the same [29, 30].
CP SAR has three main modes: CTLR mode, DCP mode, and [pi]/4 mode.
To examine the reconstruction performance in more detail, we also selected 7 types of polarization parameters, including copolarization backscattering [coefficient[sigma].sub.hh], [[sigma].sub.vv], cross-polarization backscattering [coefficient[sigma].sub.hv], copolarization correlation coefficient[rho], and coherence matrix [eigenvaluesl.sub.1] [l.sub.2], and [l.sub.3], for each parameter, calculating the reconstruction accuracy for the CTLR and [pi]/4 modes.
In this section, we describe how Nord's algorithm was used to reconstruct the pseudo quad-pol data in the CTLR mode.
For both the CTLR and [pi]/4 modes, the reconstruction accuracy for the parameters [[lambda].sub.hh], [[lambda].sub.vv], [rho], and [l.sub.1] was high whereas for [[lambda].sub.hv], [l.sub.2], and [l.sub.3] it was low.
(a), (c), and (e) correspond to the CTLR mode; (b), (d), and (f) correspond to the [pi]/4 mode.
The scanning micrograph clearly reveals the surface texture and morphology of the tendu leaf refuse and CTLR. Fig 3 shows the surface texture of CLTR before involved in the treatment of electroplating effluent contaminated soil.
It is also very important for identifying the efficiency of the adsorption process using CTLR. The data follwed pseudo-first order reaction fitting well in Lagergren plot.
CTLR used as a adsorbent for adsorption process shows better removal efficiency.
Percentage removal of metals using CTLR at pH 5 and adsorbent dosage 0.5 g/100ml Heavy metals % removal Copper 96 Magnesium 75 Zinc 95 Lead 90 Chromium 97 Cadmium 81
Hybrid polarization modes showed almost similar classification accuracies with CTLR mode found to be slightly better than [pi]/4 mode.