CTLSCentral Texas Library System (Austin, TX)
CTLSCenter for Teaching and Learning Services (various locations)
CTLSConstrained Total Least Squares (method)
CTLSCentre for Transnational Legal Studies (Georgetown Law; Georgetown University; Washington, DC)
CTLSCentre for Theatre Laboratory Studies (est. 2002; Denmark)
CTLSConcurrent Theater Level Simulation
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According to the CTLS Pilot Operating Handbook, stalling speed at 600 kg (1320 lbs) with flaps extended 35 degrees is 39 KCAS.
We think it's worth considering a new CTLS, given the three-year factory warranty.
Prices are $14,750 for the installed unit in the CTLS and $12,900 for the modular unit in the Sport Cruiser.
That's comparable to an 0-200-equipped Skycatcher, but heavier than a Flight Designs CTLS and way heavier than a Remos GX.
Flight Design's CT line had complaints about gear issues and parts availability, but the complaints were almost entirely about the older CTSW design rather than the newer CTLS.