CTMMCenter for Translational Molecular Medicine
CTMMCalifornia Test of Mental Maturity
CTMMCity of Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality (Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa)
CTMMCommonwealth Tourism Ministers' Meeting
CTMMComputed Tomography Metrizamide Myelography
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They are all extensions of previous research programs started in 2008 within the CTMM institute.
The CTMM (Center for Translational Molecular Medicine) is a Netherlands-based public-private partnership.
They are all extensions of previous high-quality research programmes started in 2008 within the CTMM institute.
3) Secondly, this approach assumes that the proportion of adults receiving ART in the CTMM is similar to that of the rest of the country; this is probably an underestimate, considering routine monitoring data from the FPD.
Over recent years, CTMM has focused on new technological developments in molecular diagnostics and imaging, seeking new routes to early diagnosis and individualized treatments.
With several CTMM projects rapidly approaching the point where large-scale clinical studies need to be performed, the TraIT project will facilitate the necessary standardization and sharing of data across the different medical centers, research institutions and industrial partners involved," says Professor Peter Luijten, CTMM's Chief Scientific Officer.
The CTMM program for leukemia will give an enormous stimulus to the development of various innovative technologies for diagnosis and prognosis in leukemia and myeloma that should generate new useful tools for personalized therapeutics.
Basic CTMM statistics: 107 partners, 300 million euros in research budgets, 21 projects running to the end of 2014.
The 15 million euro allocated to this prostate cancer project, which brings the total allocated CTMM funding to 265 million euro, should enable the project team to make a real difference to the diagnosis and treatment of a disease that counts among the biggest killers of men," said Peter Luijten, CTMM Chief Scientific Officer.
EINDHOVEN, The Netherlands, March 10 /PRNewswire/ -- The Center for Translational Molecular Medicine (CTMM) - the Dutch public-private partnership committed to the research and development of new techniques for the diagnosis and treatment of major diseases - today announced that eight new research projects will receive funding from the CTMM.
Rob Reneman, chairman of the International Scientific Advisory Board of CTMM.
The projects result from a joint call for project proposals that was initiated by the three Top Institutes in recognition of the fact that imaging guided and targeted drug delivery is a highly interdisciplinary area of research that leverages their individual strengths - TI Pharma in drug development, CTMM in molecular diagnostics and imaging, and BMM in biomaterials and regenerative medicine.