CTMRCommunity Trade Mark Regulation
CTMRContinuous Tubular Membrane Reactor
CTMRCalcitonin Gene Methylation Rate
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version of the CTMR, and the amendment included the change of the name
of the CTMR to the European Union Trade Mark Regulation (by which the
entry into force of the CTMR (1996), but also of those countries that
amendment of the CTMR (CP-CTMR) (11) and a recast of the TMD (CP-TMD).
Although the CTMR and the national trademark systems are
about the correct interpretation of provisions in the TMD or the CTMR,
importance not only for the CTMR, but also for the national trade mark
The current texts of the TMD and the CTMR stipulate that in order
58) Also, in the CTMR, bad faith shall become a relative ground
proposal for amendment of the CTMR, where it makes more sense: pursuant
s cost-effective and reliable multiservice backbone network provides the ideal infrastructure to enable CTMR to carry a mix of traffic," said David Woodall, president, Datacraft Americas.
CTMR offers various public telecom services including voice and data, for large financial and manufacturing enterprises.