CTMUCharge Time Measurement Unit
CTMUCognitive-Theoretic Model of the Universe
CTMUCentral Training Management Unit (UK)
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In the first decade of this millennium, the CTMU was succinctly described as follows:
Thus, the CTMU is a theory which says that reality is a self-modeling universal language, or if one prefers, that the universe is a self-modeling language.
My use of grammatical terminology is intentional; in the CTMU, the conventional notion of physical causality is superseded by "telic causation", which resembles generative grammar and approaches teleology as a natural limit.
Treating reality as a unique kind of language, the CTMU shows that it is instead generated or grammatically produced by a telic (self-generative) grammar which operates dually to standard terminal causation and orthogonally to time.
A simplified CTMU block diagram is shown in Figure 2 and consists of a constant current source and high-speed switch, an ADC, a discharge switch, and an analog multiplexer.
The CTMU is a constant current source that can be turned on and off in <1 ns.
I is the output current of the CTMU current source; C is the input capacitance of the ADC plus any stray capacitance; and V is measured by the ADC.
In CTMU, Langan develops a metaphysical framework built on logic that is recursively meaningful.
The descriptions in both Novel View and CTMU coincide well as to the types of universal complex emergent capacities that appear from our assessments, as shown in Table 1.
26) Without CTMU, possibility evades metaphysics; without Novel View, it evades theoretical physics and cosmology.