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CTNClinical Trials Network (NIDA)
CTNCartoon Network
CTNCódigo Tributário Nacional (Brazilian National Tax Code)
CTNChristian Television Network
CTNCentral Test Node
CTNCommunity Television Network
CTNCanadian Technology Network
CTNConsumers' Telecommunications Network (Australia)
CTNCroatia Airlines (ICAO code)
CTNCambodian Television Network
CTNCable Television Network
CTNCan't Talk Now
CTNCertified Traditional Naturopath
CTNCanadian Television Network (before 1962)
CTNCentral de Trabajadores de Nicaragua (Spanish: Nicaraguan Workers' Central)
CTNCommercial Technology Network (NASA)
CTNCryptologic Technician Networks (Navy rating)
CTNCALS Test Network
CTNChristian Therapists Network
CTNCharity Trustees Network
CTNCall to Needle Time (healthcare performance indicator; UK)
CTNCampus Television Network (University College Dublin student run TV channel)
CTNCoordinated Timing Network (IBM)
CTNCustomer Telephone Number
CTNCellular Telephone Network
CTNCertification Test Network (NASA)
CTNCorporate Telecommunications Network
CTNCompensated Twisted-Nematic
CTNCase/Throat/Nozzle (rocket motor component)
CTNConsumer Trend News (online magazine)
CTNCritical Technologies Newsletter
CTNComposite Tactical Network
CTNCount-Transmission Number
CTNContactless Technology Network
CTNComputerized Telephony Network
CTNCertified Transplant Nurse
CTNCommercial Type Number
CTNChina Teanet
CTNCustomer Transaction Note
CTNCore Transmission Network
CTNContinuous Tone Negative(s)
CTNConfectionary, Tobacco and News (retail)
CTNComparable to None Entertainment (record label)
CTNCommission Technique Nationale (French: National Technical Commission)
CTNCoefficient de Température Négatif (French: Negative Temperature Coefficient)
CTNCentre des Technologies Nouvelles (French: New Technologies Center)
CTNCargo Tracking Note (shipping)
CTNComputer Technology News (publication)
CTNCompagnie Tunisienne de Navigation (French: Tunisian Navigation Company; Tunisia)
CTNCréations et Techniques Nouvelles (French: Creations and New Techniques)
CTNComité Technique National (French: National Technical Committee)
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A critical point emphasized by the definition is that in order to detect PCI-related MI, cTn values have to be normal or descending prior to the procedure; otherwise it is not possible to distinguish new post-PCI elevation from natural evolution of preceding MI.
Administration of GalN/LPS induced fulminant hepatitis with marked increases in serum TNF-[alpha] levels, which reached 257 [+ or -] 30 IU/L, respectively, while vehicle treated mice were 13 [+ or -] 4 IU/L Oral administration with 20 or 40 mg/kg of CTN reduced serum TNF-[alpha] levels to 58% (p Less than 0.
The court heard that, since the Inland Revenue put CTN into receivership and the police brought charges, Fyffe's financial situation had deteriorated to the point where he was now living back at home with his mother.
CTN provides turnkey communication solutions in help you reach your audience no matter where they are located.
05) between the CTN and CT treatments were observed at the RS and JY sites but not at the LZ and NJ sites.
CTN Chairman and CEO Jason Elkins says he is thrilled to have such a renowned marketing expert on his board, particularly as CTN, having less than $10 million in annual revenues, pales with Coca-Cola in terms of size.
Nensey revealed that the entire shareholding of CTN is held by Australian investors and a sister company, Bluechip Holdings.
This collaboration will allow Eceptionist and the CTN to provide patients with the most innovative services in the field of telehealth currently available.
La ligne desservant les ports russes et turcs de la mer Noire est la premiere ouverte par la CTN au cours des 30 dernieres annees.
The CTN has also launched "family fare" (3 to 7 members) with a 15% discount compared to the usual fare and a "youth rate" with a 15% discount.
Hameed Ali (rtd), who tripped the Council in Lagos that all fraudulent activities, like under-declaration of goods and hiding would be checked once the CTN was established at the ports.
The Top 50 found that among the three pure CTN operators to make the list--Rippleglen, Maynews and GT News--sales fell an average of 3%, with store numbers dropping 3% and staff down 7%.