CTNCConservation Trust for North Carolina
CTNCCentral Texas Nutrition Consultants (Austin, TX)
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During diastole, as calcium levels fall, levosimendan molecules are postulated to dissociate from the binding site of cTnC, thereby preventing an increase in calcium sensitivity.
In addition, we adapted the assay to determine whether cTnI is associated with cTnC and/or cTnT in a patient diagnosed with MI.
8I-7 is directed against a region of cTnI not involved in the interaction with cTnT and cTnC (1), able to immunocapture cTnI, dimeric (I-T and I-C), and/or the trimeric I-T-C cTn complex from serum (13, 25).
The second method used amino acid analysis to determine the concentration of cTnI in fractions collected from the RPLC separation of the 3 troponin subunits (cTnT, cTnI, and cTnC) that comprise the troponin complex.
Additionally, amino acid analysis was used to determine the concentrations of the cTnT and cTnC subunits.
Because eluting bound cardiac troponins from the beads with trifluoroacetic acid led to unsatisfying results (i.e., the substantial loss of cTnC after the lyophilization step), we developed an on-bead digestion procedure.
Western blot analysis of the proteins bound to antibodyconjugated beads revealed, in addition to cTnI, the presence of cTnT and cTnC, which were co-extracted from the homogenate as troponin complex, and the specific antibodies for the respective subunits produced signals of comparable intensities (Fig.
In a second experiment, increasing amounts of cTnC or cTnT (up to 200 [micro]g/L) were added to LiHep-plasma and serum samples, each containing 20 [micro]g/L purified free cTnI, and incubated for 1 h at room temperature before being tested (15).
The cross-reactivities of the AccuTnI assay to cTnC, cTnT, recombinant cTnT, actin, myosin, tropomyosin, creatine kinase MB isoenzyme, and myoglobin were [less than or equal to]0.001%, and the cross-reactivity to skeletal TnI was 0.034%.
Both cTnT and cTnC were found predominantly in the soluble fractions of the bacterial lysate.
Twenty-four serial serum samples from AMI patients were tested for cTnI, using the Opus Plus before and after the addition of cTnC to a final concentration of 100 [micro]/L.
Human cTnI, human skeletal troponin I (skTnI), and human cTnC were purified by a previously described method [211 and provided by HyTest (Turku, Finland).