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CTNSCenter for Theology and the Natural Sciences (Berkeley, CA)
CTNSCystinosis, Nephropathic
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One dominantly inherited disorder could be diagnosed by the detection of haploinsufficiency for the relevant gene (cases 8 and 9), and 3 cases involved carriers of a recessive allele: deletion at the NPHP1 [nephronophthisis 1 (juvenile); cases 10 and 11] and CTNS loci (case 12).
In fact, I am personally aware of the strong position taken by CTNS against the interference of the Foundation in the SRCP program.
One of those cited at the meeting by Robert John Russell, a physicist and theologian who is director of the CTNS, concerns Peacocke's use of insights from thermodynamics in theodicy.
These two grants are awarded based on an evaluation by distinguished judges and are the final in a series of twenty-seven CTNS STARS grants totaling $1.
The program builds on the recently successful CTNS "Science and the Spiritual Quest" program (www.