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CTOLConventional Takeoff & Landing
CTOLCan't Talk on Ladder (Minecraft)
CTOLCypriniformes Tree of Life (fish)
CTOLCataloging Tools On Line
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* The F-35A CTOL variant is flown by the air forces of the Netherlands, Australia, Japan and Italy.
That is the significant distinction between the tailsitter and the CTOL UAVs.
The only mid-sized airlifter on the market that could address the Air Force's airlift gaps would be the Airbus A400M, an aircraft similar to the turboprop CTOL aircraft discussed in the JFTL.
The cTOL was administered for five weekly baseline probes, five weekly treatment probes, and a 1 mo follow-up probe (Figure 1).
The US Air Force is buying the CTOL conventional take-off and landing version; the US Marine Corps wants a STOVL short take-off and vertical landing variant; UK forces and the US Navy are to buy a carrier variant which, for US Navy use at least, is intended to be launched by catapult and to land using the capture systems found on aircraft carriers.
If the F-35B STOVL collapses, the F-35C CTOL (conventional takeoff and landing) or the F-18 would be likely choices for Britain.
It's hard for the bad guys to figure out where we're going to be." While STOVL jets can operate from 29 different ships, the Navy's conventional take off (CTOL) fighters are restricted to 11 ship variants.
There are two types of fixed-wing aircraft for carrier use, Conventional Take-Off and Landing (Ctol) and Short Take-Off, Vertical Landing (Stovl) and each has its advantages.
(3) Of particular note, the proposed metrics served as the baseline performance measures for a range of operational and support activities occurring during the early phases of the F-35 life cycle: This PBA supports all contracts and memorandum of agreements [sic] that contribute to the readiness, availability, and reliability of the F-35 CTOL [conventional takeoff and landing] logistics and engineering support systems.
Three versions of the F-35 are currently planned: a conventional takeoff and landing (CTOL), a short-takeoff/ vertical landing (STOVL), and a carrier variant (CV).
The JSF program includes the US and the eight partner nations, along with Israel and Singapore, which signed on as a Security Cooperation Participant in 2003 (see "Israel, Singapore to Participate in JSF Program"), all joined in the development of a family of aircraft that will include short-takeoff/vertical-landing (STOVL) and conventional-takeoff-and-landing (CTOL), as well as a carrier variant (CV).
The STOVL variant will complement the CTOL variants which also will serve in the air-to-ground mission.