CTOPChoice on Termination of Pregnancy Amendment Act (South Africa)
CTOPCoordination Togolaise des Organisations Paysannes et de Producteurs Agricoles (French: Togolese Coordination of Peasant Organizations and Producers; Togo)
CTOPCommunity Teams for Older People (UK)
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The CTOP Act provides for abortion on request up to 12 weeks of gestation.
4) The shortage of health care providers willing or trained to perform abortions undermines the provisions of the CTOP Act by limiting the availability of safe legal abortion, and has serious implications for women's access to safe abortion services and health service planning.
The CTOP Act (No 92 of 1996), stipulates circumstances under which a pregnancy may be terminated upon the request of a woman during the first 12 weeks' gestation, or even after 12 weeks' gestation provided specific requirements are met.
Termination of pregnancy services are provided in terms of the Choice of Termination of Pregnancy (CTOP) Act (No 92 of 1996) and should include the counseling of women before and after the CTOP procedure(s).
She estimates that the CTOP Act (as amended) is currently being implemented to about 30% of its potential efficacy.
Although the participants were aware of legalised CTOP services in the RSA, they lacked information about accessing these services.
Prior to the introduction of the CTOP Act, research on unsafe abortion in South Africa indicates that approximately 425 women died each year in public hospitals as a result of the complications of unsafe abortion (Rees, Katzenellenbogen, Shabodien, Jewkes, Fawcus, McIntyre, Lombard, Truter & The National Incomplete Abortion Reference Group, 1997:432-437).
By engendering the recognition of health (and sexual and reproductive health) as a human right within a public health discourse, it is hoped that potential providers would be willing to undergo training that would in effect make the implementation of the CTOP Act of 1996 a reality in South African public health services.
We're continuing to invest in the service and plan on launching the CTOPS 2 platform by the end of this year, in compliance with the new code of practice from the 999 liaison committee.
CTOPS is a value-added service that can be used by any customer and is particularly well used by customers in government departments.
Integration - NPU with 256 CTOPs, 4K threads, Traffic Manager, DPI, Security, Search Engine and 800G I/O in one chip
Central to the NPS are its innovative CTOPs (C-programmable Task Optimized Processors).