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CTPACosmetic Toiletry Perfumery Association
CTPACentre for Tax Policy and Administration (OECD department)
CTPACoax-to-Twisted-Pair Adapter
CTPAComputed Tomography Pulmonary Angiogram
CTPACertified Treasury Professional Associate (accreditation)
CTPACalifornia Travel and Park Association
CTPAConnecticut Tree Protective Association, Inc.
CTPACertified Transit Program Administrator
CTPAChicago Tour Professionals Association
CTPAClearwater Timber Protection Alliance
CTPACape Teacher's Professional Association
CTPAChauray Travaux Publics et Agricoles (French construction company)
CTPACentre Technique des Productions Animales et Agro-Alimentaires (French: Technical Center of Animal Production and Agri-Food)
CTPAComité Technique Paritaire Académique (French: Joint Academic Technical Committee)
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High accuracy has been reported for CTV for thigh DVT identification or exclusion, using US as the reference standard, and the addition of CTV to CTPA has increased the overall diagnostic yield of VTE by 20% to 27% in several series.
CTPA and VQ SPECT are both excellent first-line investigations for detecting pulmonary embolism.
This is due to the fact that most patients with pulmonary pathologies other than acute PE also had a raised d-dimers concentration (false positive rate 90%) and hence the utility of a negative d-dimers test to reduce utilisation of CTPA is low.
Where multi-slice spiral CTPA may not be best choice, such as in young women.
The CTPA will establish bilateral access and provide similar benefits to US exporters, thus creating economic opportunities for US manufacturers, workers, farmers and resource suppliers related to export businesses.
Accordingly, the CTPA is also a transnational network of tax professionals.
Specifically in the area of tax, the CTPA in addition to the work described below relating to technical tax projects, also has a statistical and policy unit that is a very good source of global tax data.
Dr Chris Flower from the CTPA pointed out 96pcof deodorants and antiperspirants used in the UK did not contain any parab ens at all.
They performed 104 CTPA procedures to rule out pulmonary embolism between Jan.
The best before date for most beauty products is 30 months from the time of manufacture, but the CTPA says many can last even longer if they are stored properly .