CTPLCentre for Trade Policy and Law (est. 1989; Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)
CTPLCompulsory Third Party Liability
CTPLConnective Tissue Physiology Laboratory (University of Houston)
CTPLCentral Technical Publication Library
CTPLConsorzio Trasporti Piana di Lucca (Transportation Consortium for the Lucca area, Italy)
CTPLCorporate Third Party Licensing
CTPLClinton Township Public Library (Clinton, MI)
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1) Maintain a CTPL, which is adequate to complete the assigned functions of the activity.
Retention of master copies of publications within the CTPL is optional.
Opening the CTPL to foreign players will change the industry in two ways.
Second, the opening of CTPL to foreign insurers in 2012 is expected to attract new foreign capital and insurers to China's non-life market through acquisitions of existing domestic players.
CTPL is an ISO 9001 certified company that has been manufacturing tractors since 1998 with a range of special attachments promoting diverse use of the tractor for a variety of crop applications both in farms and off-farm.
CTPL was the recipient of two national awards in 2008, for research and development and entrepreneurship of the mini tractor.
When LoPresti was hired as the new CTPL executive secretary, he invited me to visit California and consider a staff position with the agency.
It was only a few years later when I was invited to be a candidate for the CCET Board of Directors, and I was thus the first CTPL staff member to be elected to the Board.
AZC (AW) Fuller is a Maintenance Logs & Records/TD/ CTPL Analyst at the Naval Safety Center.
By providing an alternate delivery system to European refineries, the CTPL complements, rather than competes with, other pipeline routes being proposed to deliver Caspian Area crude oil to the market.
Don't forget to stamp the CD-ROM with a proper CTPL publication stamp, signifying whether other copies exist and identifying their location.
I recommend the CTPL contact their wing or MALS for help on any local procedures.