CTPPCensus Transportation Planning Products (US DOT)
CTPPCensus Transportation Planning Package
CTPPCataract, Posterior Polar
CTPPConfronting Two Pair Primer
CTPPCertified Tester Professional Program (software testing certification)
CTPPCertification Training Program Plan
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If we look at the satisfaction levels for asynchronous and synchronous educational components for CTPP students, there is a positive level toward the "agree" opinion (see Table 2).
Looking at the satisfaction levels for THMP students for the asynchronous and synchronous educational components, there is a positive level toward the "agree" opinion which is similar to the responses of CTPP students (see Table 2).
We applied Independent Samples T-Test to see the difference of satisfaction levels between CTPP and THMP students or simply, to test and analyze if there is a significant difference in terms of means between the two Programs.
An Independence Samples T-test was conducted to explore significant differences of opinions of CTPP and THMP students on distance education components.
We conducted a survey of CTPP and THMP students at the end of the first year and after their final exam to evaluate all the above-mentioned distance education components.
General academic grade averages are presented in Table 4 for distance education and formal daytime/regular and night classes of CTPP and THMP students for the same academic year.
CTPP data indicates that a total of 11 counties serve as locations of employment for Geauga County residents.
However, the use of CTPP for establishing worker and commuting characteristics reveals other geographic differences that influence emissions between the west and east.
Assumptions within VERTUS were minimized by using real-world data, most notably the CTPP.
While more housing translates to higher emissions, incorporating CTPP data into the design of VERTUS produced geographic variations among municipalities with similar numbers of households or additional households.
Aerojet is proud to continue its outstanding support to the Air Force and CTPP, which is a vital component of our nation's space-based missile defense systems," said Ron Simpson, Aerojet's CTPP program director.
Aerojet builds the missile-detecting infrared sensors for Defense Support Program satellites, which feed missile-tracking data to CTPP.