CTPSCarteira de Trabalho e Previdência Social (Brazil)
CTPSCentral Transportation Planning Staff (Massachusetts)
CTPSCorporate Telephone Preference Service (UK)
CTPSCombat Trauma Patient Simulation (system)
CTPSCirculo de Traductores Publicos del Sur (Spanish: Circle of Public Translators of the South; Argentina)
CTPSCentralized Telemetry Processing System
CTPSCigarette and Tobacco Products Surtax (Canada)
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The workshop, divided in four sessions, was designed to enable the participants to critically analyze the modules and structure of CTP.
While there are similarities in the criteria for CTPs and for TPSIDs, they are not necessarily the same.
Figure 4 illustrates, in the 2D case, the influence of the number of steps on the deformed mesh for the CTPS [C.sub.2]a RBF method.
Cancer-targeting peptides (CTPs) have proven to be a powerful class of peptide ligands owning the ability to target tumor cell surface receptors with a high binding affinity and selectivity, thereby improving applications in detection and drug delivery (Vives, et al., 2008).
The research, which revealed low levels of awareness of the CTPS among those it was designed to help, also showed that smaller firms would prefer to have unfettered access to decision makers, and agreed that the CTPS could be a major barrier to them doing business with larger companies.
Criteria in this CTPS case include all DSM-IV-TR (APA, 2000) diagnostic criteria for ADHD within six sealed reports (e.g., intake interview, teacher evaluations) that also provide a representative psychosocial history, academic and guidance records, medical history, parent interview, and client interview summaries.
An example of a KPP and its derived CTPs could be the user requirement for supersonic cruise capability in military power and the respective engineering requirements for a maximum take-off weight and minimum thrust to accomplish this cruise capability.
programs of this type, the author develops an expository model of the kinds of heterogeneity that drive CTPs and how this heterogeneity can be parameterized in trading programs.
CTPs have enabled the success of Citrix implementations worldwide, whether through sharing knowledge on websites, publishing technical documentation, creating active communities of Citrix users, participating through online discussion forums, offering technical expertise in the field, or speaking publicly at IT conferences.
After a period of public commentary, the United States Department of Education solicited colleges to submit their Comprehensive Transition Programs (CTPs) for federal approval.