CTPVCoal Tar Pitch Volatiles
CTPVCavernous Transformation of the Portal Vein (radiology)
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The diagnosis of CTPV is very rarely made on an adult with signs and symptoms of obstructive jaundice.
Cavernous transformation of the portal vein (CTPV) is sequelae of portal vein thrombosis and is the replacement of the normal single channel portal vein with numerous tortuous venous channels bypassing the obstructive area.
CTPV induces some morphologic changes in the liver, the most common being atrophy of the left lateral segment and hypertrophy of caudate lobe.
Patients with CTPV can present in variety of different ways.
The initial diagnosis of CTPV is seldom made in adults due to various aetiologies and clinical presentations.
The diagnosis of CTPV is confirmed by various imaging modalities including abdominal ultrasonography, colour Doppler US, CT angiography and MRI 15.
The compression set of the STPV, relative to the various CTPVs, is lower by approximately 20%, even at 125[degrees]C.
It is observed that the properties of the STPV were better balanced than those of the CTPVs, even though the STPV had slightly lower elongation at break.