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CTQCorporation des Thanatologues du Québec (French: Thanatologists Corporation of Quebec; Quebec, Canada)
CTQCritical To Quality
CTQCentre de Toxicologie du Québec
CTQCenter for Teaching Quality (est. 1999; Hillsborough, NC)
CTQCentro Técnico Querétaro (Querétaro Technical Center; Querétaro, México)
CTQCysteine Tryptophylquinone
CTQContinental Trombone Quartet
CTQConfined to Quarters
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The CTQ was recommended in the self-report category and was used for the current study.
A Spearman's correlation analysis revealed statistically significant negative correlations between age of disease onset and emotional abuse and CTQ total scores in patients with migraine (r=-0.
When there is a higher proportion of program trading in the market, we find that the negative impact on cancellation latency due to ATS, CTQ, and TTQ is reduced.
Thus, reliability parallels that of Ashrafioun and Bonar's (2015) CTQ (Cronbach's [alpha] = .
none to moderate [<13]) Note: GEE = generalized estimating equations; CI = confidence interval; DTES = Downtown Eastside; CTQ = Childhood Trauma Questionnaire.
DES was weakly correlated with total CTQ and Y-BOCS in patients diagnosed with BD-II (r = 0.
In Colorado, CTQ and a statewide business-education coalition have helped support Cuthbertson's work.
Two-way analysis of variance was used to evaluate the effects of the type of the disease (FMS/RA) and the presence of a trauma history on TAS, SDQ, and CTQ scores.
For clients-consumers the display of a CTQ Label at the entrance of an enterprise would indicate the premise of an upgraded tourist experience, verified through a rigorous process, set and appraised by the island's National Tourism Organisation.
For clients or consumers the display of a CTQ Label at the entrance of an enterprise would indicate a quality experience "verified through a rigorous process", and appraised by the CTO.
One of the interviewees reported that, due to the emotional shock generated by hospitalization, especially in CTQ, the child patient becomes vulnerable and fragile, changing, including, their behavior, in a curious and regressive manner: [.