CTQSContinuing Training and Qualification Software (US Navy)
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The right silicone manufacturer can identify hidden critical to quality (CTQ) parameters and help the customer define, measure and quantify performance characteristics that were only verbally described at the design phase of the product Material suppliers and fabricators can then collaborate in fine tuning and optimizing the formulation and processing parameters for the most time and energy efficient production method.
All the data collected during the early phases of design was used to inform the development of a design criterion called "critical to quality," or CtQ, a Lean term in which critical needs (either operational or physical) are identified and addressed to support a quality clinical outcome (such as patient satisfaction or reduced patient fall rates).
With reference to the present study in view of attaining quality engineering education, the CTQs are identified and are tabulated in the Table 3.
The appraisal should result from a process designed to address all of the critical-to-quality (CTQ) items identified through the firm's customer listening systems.
1) depicts a metalcaster's requirements, which can be correlated with features referred to as critical to quality (CTQ) characteristics.
Devane identifies the important concepts of lean SIX Sigma, beginning with the need to identify, things that are "Critical To Quality" (known as CTQs).
The marketing department was involved in the determination/identification of these properties (five for this example), which represented the Critical to Quality attributes (CTQs) of the catalyst.
3.4 Six Sigma Standard Quality Initiatives * Projects carefully selected to * Projects usually driven by the focus on customer requirements quality department and often not and CTQs (critical to quality aligned with organizational elements) objectives * Targets variation within * Looks primarily at averages processes * Some familiar statistical tools, * Highly structured, phased but applied with less rigor or approach built around rigorous structure metrics and statistical analysis * No built-in mechanism for assuring that changes don't unravel over * Incorporates Control Phase and time tools such as "dashboards" to maintain improvement long-term