CTR1Cryptologist Technician (Collection) First Class (US Navy)
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Repression of CTR1 expression by copper is consistent with
that RNA-Seq reliably detected regulation of CTR1 but failed to detect
In addition, we showed curcumin treatment or CTR1 silencing to limit copper intake inhibited copper-induced Erk/MAPK activation (Narayanan et al.
Antibodies against JNK (#9252) and p-JNK (#4668S, T183/Y185), p38 (#9212) and p-p38 (#9211S, T180/Y182), and CTR1 (#13086S) were purchased from Cell Signaling Technology (Danvers, MA).
Human CTR1 is encoded by the SLC31A1 gene (NM_001859).
To knockdown CTR1 expression, A549 cells in 6-well plates were transfected with a control shRNA or CTR1 targeting shRNA (1.
A549 cells or CTR1 knockdown A549 cells were resuspended in ice-cold serum-free medium (SFM) at 1 x [10.
CTR1 protein concentration was corrected by P -actin.
Cow CTR1 protein concentration in the pulmonary artery was positively correlated ([r.
CTR1, along with ATP7A, also assists the absorption of copper across the intestinal wall (Pena et al.
However, western blot analysis of cow CTR1 in the pulmonary artery showed a positive correlation with pulmonary artery Cu concentration while a negative correlation was observed with liver Cu concentration.
El cobre se incorpora a los hepatocitos por accion de varias cuproenzimas como la CTR1.