CTRCCancer Therapy Research Center
CTRCCentres Techniques Régionaux de la Consommation (French: Central Regional Consumer Affairs)
CTRCCanadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission
CTRCChina Tibetology Research Center (est. 1986)
CTRCCooling Technologies Research Center (Purdue University)
CTRCCalifornia Trolley and Railroad Corporation (San Jose, CA)
CTRCCardiac Surgery and Transplantation Research Center (Shariati Hospital, Tehran, Iran)
CTRCCisco Technical Research Center (Wichita State University; Wichita, KS)
CTRCCisco Transaction Connection
CTRCCurrency Transaction Report by Casino
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In 2016, 22 notices of violation were issued by the CTRC for violations of CASL with associated penalties ranging from $5,000 to $650,000, (9) and in 2015 the CTRC issued a notice of violation for CAD$1,100,000 for sending CEMs to individuals without their consent, along with other violations of CASL.
CTRC Current Transformers use the Rogowski coil as the first step in power monitoring.
The research activities at the IHPR, CTRC, and their host institution (UTHSCSA) provide varied and exciting opportunities for behavior research studies.
This trial is part of a broad preclinical and clinical collaboration with the CTRC that will involve up to five, open-label, Phase 2 studies exploring the use of REOLYSIN in combination with chemotherapy for various cancer indications.
As a result of these findings, doctors will now be able to screen patients who have pancreatitis to learn if alterations in the CTRC gene are responsible for their disease.
The CTRC has seen a recent increase in the number of patients needing radiation oncology treatment, which has had a large impact on its computer storage strategy.
The children with negative or equivocal results underwent CTRC, which generated only one false-negative result (JAMA 282[11]:1041-46, 1999).
The CTRC kitchen then used these individual records to prepare all meals during the 14-day study.
05 for the prediction of cancer status across all but 2 laboratory pairs (UAB with CTRC and UAB with JHU) when using the median binned peak ranks classifier.
In its report, the CTRC reaffirmed the need for the north-south projects.
The CTRC will also have full testing capabilities, ranging from yarn/fabric physical property testing to mock dyeing and finishing performance evaluation.