CTRFCanadian Transportation Research Forum
CTRFCancer Treatment Research Foundation (now Gateway for Cancer Research)
CTRFChristian Theological Research Fellowship
CTRFConnecticut Renaissance Festival (Woodstock, Connecticut)
CTRFCensus Tract Relationship Files (Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research)
CTRFCelestial and Terrestrial Reference Frames
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The CTRF is active in its processing and analysis of STRs, increasing its activity based on additional filings by banks.
Donations can also be made directly to CTRF at http://www.
CTRF has funded more than 55 innovative projects and committed more than $12 million to research.
Allstate Workplace Division has also committed to CTRF that it will be its charity of choice as other fund-raising opportunities arise.
Thanks to generous underwriting of operational expenses, 99 cents of every dollar donated to CTRF goes directly to cancer research programs -- not fundraising or overhead.
The Preventative AML/CFT Law provides authority to the CTRF to freeze bank transactions strongly presumed to be connected to money laundering or terrorist financing for a maximum period of 72 hours absent an extension based on a judicial decision.
Records of declared amounts in excess of the equivalent of $5,000 are electronically available, including to the CTRF.
The Algerian Banking Commission, the CTRF, and the Algerian judiciary have wide latitude to exchange information with their foreign counterparts in the course of money laundering and terrorist financing investigations.
Provided information is shared with CTRF in good faith, the law offers immunity from administrative or civil penalties for individuals who cooperate with money laundering and terrorist finance investigations.
The law also provides significant authority to the Algerian Banking Commission, the independent body established under authority of the Bank of Algeria to supervise banks and financial institutions, to inform CTRF of suspicious or complex transactions.
It needs to move forward now to implement those laws and eliminate bureaucratic barriers among various government agencies by empowering CTRF, which in 2006 investigated only 15 suspicious transactions, to be the focal point for the AML/CTF investigations.