CTRICenter for Tobacco Research and Intervention
CTRIClinical Trials Registry-India (National Institute of Medical Statistics)
CTRICanadian Tourism Research Institute (Conference Board of Canada)
CTRICreative Television of Rhode Island (est. 1983)
CTRIClinical and Translational Research Institute (University of California, San Diego)
CTRICrash Test Rating Index
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6 years; 52 women, 15 men) included CTRI employees who had been working in tight contacts with TBP for at least 1 year (9.
To ensure the accuracy of the evaluations, only patients undergoing treatment in the CTRI and being under prolonged observation were included in the analysis.
With this background, the CTRI in association with the Indian Journal of Medical Research (IJMR) organized a meeting of editors of Indian biomedical journals to evolve a policy to be followed for publication of clinical trials in Indian biomedical journals.
On behalf of all biomedical journals published from India, we urge to all those who are either conducting and/or planning to conduct clinical trials involving human subjects, to register their trials in CTRI or in any primary clinical trial register.
A CTRI program should operate with several cardinal principles.
In the long run, the investment in a CTRI program would be small compared with the costs of defending American interests on an ad hoc basis from constant eruptions of terrorism.
As part of the routine verification and validation process of trials submitted to the CTRI, trial registrants are required to submit the relevant Ethics Committee approval documents.
Global trials registered in the CTRI, are required to declare the number of patients proposed to be recruited from India.
The number of hits on the CTRI site crossed the 24000 mark till April 2009 with more than 600 users registered.
Although registration of clinical trials in the CTRI is currently voluntary, registration of clinical trials is supported and recommended by various esteemed bodies.