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CTRLChannel Tunnel Rail Link (UK)
CTRLControls Library
CTRLConspiracy Theory Research List (mailing list)
CTRLCompagnie des Transports de la Région Lorientaise (France)
CTRLComputing Technologies Research Lab (UCLA)
CTRLRib Lake Telephone Company
CTRLCipher Text Remote Loopback
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Based on the criterion of P < 0.05, 872 DCGs were identified in pairwise comparisons between Early and Ctrl, 440 DCGs were identified between Late and Ctrl, and 317 DCGs were identified between Late and Early [Table 1].
Although there was statistically no significant difference between groups in BBS and BFRS, analysis within groups in BBS and BFRS showed that there was marked difference between baseline and post-intervention values in BDEX group, showing striking reduction in fallrisk as shown by improvement in BBS and BFRS compared to the CTRL group; hence proving improvement of balance was more in BDEX group compared to CTRL group.
She wasn't going to say anything about singing," said Punch, who co-wrote four songs on "Ctrl" and is nominated alongside the singer for best R&B song.
In the LPS group, the AI increased significantly in the lung tissue, compared with the CTRL group.
However, ModTx resulted in greater reductions in [DELTA]BAZ at six months (p = 0.001) and 12 months (p = 0.001) compared to Ctrl (Figure 2B).
The blood glucose level did not differ between Ctrl group and Ctrl-MC group.
CTRL also urged Facebook users to turn off "Apps you use"
In our study, ctrl mRNA was not correlated to liver or pulmonary artery Cu concentration.
Additionally, 4 horses of VAE group and 0 horses in CTRL showed improvement.
CTRL's UL101 ultrasound system, finds compressed air and gas leaks that lead to unnecessary high facility operating costs.
Lined up in the CTRL hot seat in shows one to three are Inbetweeners actor James Buckley, Welsh Misfits star Iwan Rheon and music producer and Amy Winehouse collaborator Mark Ronson.
The IT firm's management summarises the difference between CTRL and other semantic engines/products with one phrase: 'the search is over' -- saying that while others have been using the keyword 'semantics,' they are all essentially still keyword-based systems.