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CTRLChannel Tunnel Rail Link (UK)
CTRLConspiracy Theory Research List (mailing list)
CTRLCompagnie des Transports de la Région Lorientaise (France)
CTRLComputing Technologies Research Lab (UCLA)
CTRLRib Lake Telephone Company
CTRLCipher Text Remote Loopback
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The CTRL InCTRL turn-key program has been successful in helping organizations decrease production loss and improve maintenance practices.
When concurrently listening to music, the CTRL subjects and subjects with PD differentially altered a number of temporal obstacle crossing parameters.
Maki says upcoming discussions in December with Cal-Bay representatives will involve attracting more software investment with other meetings planned with large manufacturers and distributors to get them excited about the progress of the CTRL Build technology.
Only if there is major and very obvious tampering will it be possible to drop a foreign substance in a Ctrl bottle
Hold down Ctrl while pushing Backspace and delete one word at a time instead of an agonizingly slow one letter at a time.
The influence of recovery time on effects of dose, exposure time, and their interactions, was examined with three-way ANOVA (time x dose x exposure) and compared with CTRL based on their respective P level of significance (Table 3).
The spokesman said residents had called the CTRL helpline to complain of feeling vibrations from the tunnelling work before the incident - but this was ``not unusual''.
To select several objects anywhere in a window or on the desktop, hold down the Ctrl.
The Application key is often to the right of the spacebar, between the Alt and Ctrl keys.
com)-- CTRL is pleased to announce the Canadian Navy as the next foreign military to authorize and integrate the CTRL UL101 for its fleet.
The 'Two and a Half Men' star tweeted a link to a set of cufflinks engraved with the keyboard keys 'Ctrl' and 'Escape [Control and Escape] with the comment "If we are not looking for one we are looking for the other Ctrl Esc (sic)", reports Contactmusic.