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CTRLChannel Tunnel Rail Link (UK)
CTRLControls Library
CTRLConspiracy Theory Research List (mailing list)
CTRLCompagnie des Transports de la Région Lorientaise (France)
CTRLComputing Technologies Research Lab (UCLA)
CTRLRib Lake Telephone Company
CTRLCipher Text Remote Loopback
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The primary purpose of the current study was to establish the effect of concurrent music on the obstacle crossing behaviors of subjects with PD and nonparkinsonian CTRL subjects.
His California partners are also discussing introducing the CTRL Build software to the storefront level by developing a new retail concept of a project management/trade show store, allowing customers to interact with designers and view building and decorating products.
Ministers are thought to be watching whether the CTRL 2 is completed on time and to budget before committing themselves to plans.
Given its fantastic location, with six underground lines, three mainline stations, and the CTRL in the immediate area, if mixed use can't be made to work here, there is little hope for it anywhere.
The influence of recovery time on effects of dose, exposure time, and their interactions, was examined with three-way ANOVA (time x dose x exposure) and compared with CTRL based on their respective P level of significance (Table 3).
The CTRL project consists of a 109 km twin track high-speed passenger and freight line between London's St Pancras Station and the Channel Tunnel.
The spokesman said residents had called the CTRL helpline to complain of feeling vibrations from the tunnelling work before the incident - but this was ``not unusual''.
To select all the files and folders in a window, click Select All in the Edit menu or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl.
Macintosh Windows Help = Ctrl Help = F1 + H Windows 95, 98, 00 Macintosh 2-KEY 2-KEY SEQUENTIAL SHORTCUT TASK HOT KEYS HOT KEYS MOUSE KEYS General General Windows Operating Open Ctrl + esc Window key Click Click Mac Programs in [right arrow] [right arrow] Start; HD; click Start Menu p [right p [right click Launcher arrow] then arrow] then Programs .
They designed the Speedo-Spy software that works together with the CTRL UL101.
Sue welding supervisor Fb, Fb BE[pounds sterling] Ques, SiGeKo,- BGR 128, BU Electrical (OLA / Fb)- Track renewal using Ctrl.
Most people know how to select multiple ranges in Excel using the Ctrl key and the mouse, but there are other methods that can be more efficient.