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CTRPWorkers Confederation of the Republic of Panama (labor federation, Panama)
CTRPCentral de Trabajadores de la Revolución Peruana (Spanish: Federation of Workers of the Peruvian Revolution)
CTRPChrono Trigger Remake Project (fan work)
CTRPCooperative Threat Reduction Program
CTRPCommonwealth Teacher Recruitment Protocol (South Africa)
CTRPCritical Technology Reinvestment Program (DoD)
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Package 2 of the CTRP, which aims to lower corporate income-tax rates from 30 percent to 25 percent, as well as harmonizing fiscal incentives, was submitted to Congress in January.
According to Dominguez, it is going to be discussed at the MICC, which he co-chairs with Environment Secretary Roy Cimatu, whether to include this in package 2 of CTRP or propose a separate measure on mining tax alone.
The CTRP solution has repeatedly demonstrated its ability to improve patient medication and device compliance, support patient retention, and enhance overall study outcomes, concluded the partnership.
He said he looks forward to the Department of Finance's (DOF) continued partnership with civil society and other reform-oriented groups in pushing the succeeding components of the CTRP in the Congress.
Moody's deemed that 'in the absence of a significant boost to government revenues from the passage of the CTRP, the government will likely pare back its plan to aggressively increase its spending on infrastructure,' referring to the ambitious 'Build, Build, Build' program aimed at ushering in a 'golden age of infrastructure.
Earlier, Finance Undersecretary Karl Kendrick Chua said Package 2 plus of the CTRP would still need to undergo study by the MICC before it can be passed to the House of Representatives.
The DOF welcomes the filing of SB 1592 or the TRAIN, said Dominguez in a statement issued after Angara delivered on the Senate floor his committees sponsorship of this first CTRP package.
The Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion (TRAIN) Act has been implemented at the start of the year, which lowers personal-income tax, while the government is now pushing for the CTRP Package 2 aiming to reduce corporate-income tax.
The CTRP is the precursor of the TRAIN law that is now chugging down our daily lives with its smoke billowing, affecting our subsistence.
According to Espenilla, the fourth package of the CTRP will streamline the tax regime for financial transactions by reducing tax on interest income from peso deposits and harmonizing all capital income tax rates at 10 percent.
The CTRP is an indispensable component of the Duterte administrations economic strategy.
The first CTRP package simplifies and lowers personal income tax rates while broadening value added tax coverage, rationalizing estate and donor's tax and adjusting oil and automobile excise taxes.