CTRRCloquet Terminal Railroad
CTRRCustomer Trouble Report Rate (various states)
CTRRCenter for Tissue Regeneration and Repair
CTRRCabot Trail Relay Race (Canada)
CTRRCipher Text Receiver Ready
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He develops presentations and analyses, using a proprietary CTRR formula, to present data to clients in an understandable and compelling manner so that clients appreciate the true costs, liabilities and opportunities of competing options.
He has worked with Marisa Manley and CTRR for 15 years.
Serving tenants exclusively, CTRR has handled real estate transactions involving over 10 million square feet of space and $3 billion of obligations, a majority of which have come under Cleator's scrutiny and analysis.
Staying with clients from before their projects begin to long after the move-in date, CTRR works with them to strategize business needs, determine the best platform and venue for those needs--and, most importantly, provide the negotiating teeth to get the best value in those deals.
It's as if you renew a lease on a one-bedroom apartment, and all of a sudden you are paying rent for a three-bedroom space," said Marisa Manley, president of CTRR.
CTRR prepared the study by analyzing data taken from Office Buildings, published annually by Yale Robbins, Inc.
The panel discussion was timely and informative," says Manley, president of CTRR.