CTRSCenters (street suffix)
CTRSCertified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist
CTRSCertified Tax Resolution Specialist (accounting)
CTRSConventional Terrestrial Reference System
CTRSCarpal Tunnel Release Surgery
CTRSComponent Test Requirements Specifications (NASA)
CTRSCenter for Technology Risk Studies (University of Maryland)
CTRSCipher Text Request to Send
CTRSCentral Trouble Reporting System
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EA & CTRS, making it less complicated for Tacoma-area residents to find Bill Morlong's tax resolution services when they're in need of a tax advocate.
The council's Cabinet decided last night to scrap the CTRS to help Kirklees deal with the public spending squeeze.
The initial CTRS consisted of seven scales that comprised five items each.
Lora Serra, MA, CTRS, thinks her services are needed more urgently than ever by residents with Alzheimer's and other dementias.
The CTRS helps campers understand how these special activities can actually be powerful coping mechanisms.
CTRS, Cara Gray, MS, CTRS, and Jessica Woolhiser, MS, ATR
Health Commissioner Tonio Borg confirmed as much in a 25 July letter addressed directly to the CTRS laboratory.
In order to place Orphacol on the market, CTRS applied to the European Medicines Agency (EMA) in October 2009.
Tory leader Clr Robert Light said yesterday he regretted the end of the CTRS.
To obtain marketing authorisation, the manufacturer CTRS submitted an application to the European Medicines Agency (EMA) in October 2009.
The CTRS is open to pensioners who do not receive council tax benefit.
Recreation therapy can only be provided directly by a CTRS, or a CTRA under the supervision of a CTRS.