CTRTCancer Treatment and Research Trust (UK)
CTRTChurches Theological Research Trust (Scotland)
CTRTCystic Transformation of the Rete Testis (morphology)
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Out of 11 oral cavity cancer patients, two patients with Buccal mucosa disease and Retromolar area disease responded to the treatment (Concomitant CTRT) very well with complete disappearance of the growth and symptoms.
of Cases 1.0 5 Median Age (years) 57 21 Male: female 1:9 4:1 Interval from previous 62 28 RT (mean, in months) KPS (PS) 90-100 90-100 Treatment given CTRT 5 2 RT alone 5 3 Response CR 9 3 PR 1 2 Complication Acute 0 Large bowel (grade 3 & 4) obstruction (1 Pt.) Patient Head & Neck Ca characteristics Total no.
Castle Biosciences' DecisionDx-EC test analyses the localisation of three protein biomarkers - NF-kB, Gli1, and SHH, to classify tumours as either responsive to (non-exCTRT) or resistant to CTRT (exCTRT).
The company said its DecisionDx-EC test analyses the localisation of three protein biomarkers, NF-kB, Gli1, and SHH, which classifies tumors as either responsive to (non-exCTRT) or resistant to CTRT (exCTRT).
A CTRT reunia, em sua mao-de-obra, familias pobres e numerosas, inclusive criancas, que foram recrutadas no interior da Paraiba e de Pernambuco, atraidas pelas promessas e oportunidades de emprego e moradia.
For the above case the treatment option could be CTRT (Chemo therapy and radio therapy) for oropharyngeal carcinoma.
The test analyses the localisation of three protein biomarkers, including NF-kB, Gli1 and SHH, to classify tumours as likely to have a complete response to (pathCR) or likely to have extreme resistance to CTRT (exCTRT).
This aspect of the assay was optimised to assure that potential CTRT responders will not be undertreated.
Patients either receive adjuvant CTRT or radical CTRT.
SOURCE OF DATA: All patients suffering from head and neck malignancies proven by histopathology report, admitted under the departments of ENT or Radiation Oncology for radiotherapy or adjuvant CTRT at Father Muller Medical College from Jan 2014 to June 2014, who are willing to undertake an audio logical assessment.
Table 4: Staging and treatment protocols T1, T2 N0 MO--Stage I & II Wide local excision with selective neck dissection T3, T4 NO, N+ MO- Stage III & Composite resection with MRND Iva with appropriate reconstruction and Adj CTRT Stage IVb (pterygoid Composite resection with ND plate/fossa involvement, low with PMMC flap reconstruction masticatory space involvement) and Adj CTRT High masticatory space NACT- 2 cycles and then involvement, low ITF assesses response: if disease involvement, N2-N3 nodal is shrinking then plan 3rd disease with no distant cycle and proceed with metastasis definitive surgery with Adj CTRT.