CTRWContinuous Time Random Walk
CTRWCarlton Trail Railway
CTRWChoose the Right Word
CTRWCommercial Transuranic Waste
CTRWCritical Thinking, Reading and Writing
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Subsequently, two different models including ADE and CTRW are used to simulate the experimental results, and the transport behavior in the fracture is analyzed.
The CTRW transport equation in Laplace is usually formulated to represent the time derivative in an algebraic expression.
By using these definitions, a CTRW process can be described by the following equation
The previous discussion essentially characterizes the CTRW approach that we use to investigate the situations characterized by different diffusive regimes.
In the framework of CTRW model for solute transport, the distribution of waiting time between two successive jumps determines whether the dispersion is anomalous or not.
According to CTRW theory, this power-law distribution results in anomalous dispersion [17, 25].
In the simplest CTRW process, after each jumps, a new pair of waiting time and jump length is drawn from the associated distributions, independent of the previous values.
In this work, we consider a jump-correlated CTRW model which has the subordination form x(t) = X([s.sub.[alpha]](t)).
[28] modeled the solute transport in one-dimensional homogeneous soil columns with ADE, CTRW, and FADE.
Four different models including ADE, FADE, TRM, and CTRW were used to simulate the experimental results, and the transport behavior in LPPM was thorough analyzed.