CTRWContinuous Time Random Walk
CTRWCarlton Trail Railway
CTRWChoose the Right Word
CTRWCommercial Transuranic Waste
CTRWCritical Thinking, Reading and Writing
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The previous discussion essentially characterizes the CTRW approach that we use to investigate the situations characterized by different diffusive regimes.
Another possibility to model situations with different diffusive regimes by using the CTRW approach is to consider simultaneous changes to the waiting time distribution and the jumping probability in order to produce the suitable behavior to describe the diffusive process under investigation.
De forma analoga ao caso explorado acima, este caso tambem pode ser relacionado ao formalismo CTRW escolhendo-se a distribuicao do tempo de espera [omega](s) = 1/(1 +s[tau]) e distribuicao dos saltos [lambda](k) = 1 - [tau]([Dk.