CTSBCrash the Super Bowl (Doritos)
CTSBCritical Task Selection Board
CTSBCommunity Television for the Southern Berkshires (South Lee, MA)
CTSBCatch the Sewing Bug (JoAnn Gagnon book)
CTSBCanada Transportation Safety Board
CTSBCulture, Tourism and Sport Board (Local Government Association; London, UK)
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To be specific, oxidative stress from ROS activates NLRP3 through c-Abl kinase or upregulates CTSB activity in microglial cells [115,116].
Two of the most plausible CNVs, possibly involved in a position effect were those identified upstream of the two strong KWE candidate genes, CTSB and DUB3 (USP17L2).
Soldiers have to live with the results of a CTSB, so it's imperative that they develop an accurate task inventory for their MOS.
The effects of 2% CHX were statistically significant (p < 0.01) for the self-etch adhesives (CSEB and CTSB), but were not significant for the etch-and-rinse adhesive systems (SMP and SB).
The NIH call for applications was a catalyst for the University of Rochester to propose the CTSB as a means to create stronger connections between the research and clinical settings in the same building, therefore enabling swifter, more creative exchange of information.
The 2007 CTSB process began with a survey of 74D Soldiers and NCOs and 74A officers.
CTSB's centrifugal sifters, built by Kason Corp., Millburn, N.J., also allow screen changes to be performed in less than 20 min.
The Canadian Transportation Safety Board (CTSB), which is investigating the 1998 crash of Swissair flight 111, has recommended that airlines' in-flight fire fighting procedures be improved.
Cathepsin B (CTSB) induced by Atg7 improved the impairment of glucose-stimulated insulin secretion, which was markedly abolished by NLRP 3 deficiency in pancreatic INS-1 (823/ 13) cells.
In prostate cancer, where obesity is associated with a more aggressive phenotype, adipocytes produce cathepsin B (CTSB) upon coculture with prostate cancer cells to support the self-renewal of CSCs [27].