CTSDClinical Trials Signal Detection (clinical research)
CTSDCountdown to Signing Day (sports)
CTSDCrew and Thermal Systems Division
CTSDChurches Together in Spalding and District (UK)
CTSDCertified Trading System Developer
CTSDComputer Test Sequences Document (NASA)
CTSDCoordinate Transformation System (NASA)
CTSDCombat Training Support Directorate
CTSDChiyoda Toyo Sakhalin Development
CTSDCertified Technology Specialist - Design (International Communications Industries Association certification)
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Talking to reporter here Tuesday, a CTSD official Jamil Baloch said three libraries were established last year while two new libraries will be opened in one month's time at Satellite Town and Saryab road.
As reported in Table 2, 14 genes (KRT19, FLT1, EGER, EPCAM, MET, PGR, CD24, KIT, PLAU, ALDH1A1, CTSD, MKI67, TWIST1, and ERBB2) were evaluated as significantly differentially expressed in the tested sample cohorts between CTC+ and CTC- samples.
The extended dynamic range equals the SNR improvement; thus, the proposed CTSD ADC pushes the imager sensing range into the smaller signal region without expensive power consumption and chip area cost compared against conventional CMOS image sensor architectures.
As a charter member of the water research group in CTSD, the AR&SD AI team was influential in the selection of hardware components and the design of the overall control of these systems.
To verify the results, EpCAM-1, CTSD (Abcam, Inc., Cambridge, UK), and ADAMTS-4 (R&D Systems, Inc., Minnesota, USA) were selected as confirmation markers and tissue lysates of MN and N were measured by ELISA kits.
Lysosome pathway enriched by LAPTM5 (Lysosomal Protein Transmembrane 5, upregulated), CTSD (Cathepsin D, upregulated), LIPA (Lipase A, Lysosomal Acid Type, downregulated), and AGA (Aspartylglucosaminidase, downregulated) was the significantly enriched pathways enriched by intersection genes.
For example, CTSD (Cathepsin-D) was downregulated, and VCAM1 was upregulated significantly in blood, EC, and HIP.