CTSFCentral Technical Support Facility (Fort Hood, Texas)
CTSFCenter for Theological and Spiritual Formation (Stanford University; Palo Alto, CA)
CTSFCentral Test Support Facility
CTSFC-DAC's Tera-Scale Supercomputing Facility (India)
CTSFConstrained Temporal-Spatial Filtering
CTSFCentralized Training Systems Facility
CTSFCentralized Training Support Facility
CTSFCapacitive Thin Slot Formalism
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Although tabulated values may be useful for many cases, it is highly desirable to have the capability to compute wall response factors, CTSF, and room response factors, RTF, based on physical descriptions of the wall and room, respectively.
Conduction time series factors (CTSF) are determined with a one-dimensional finite volume method (FVM) model.
The CTSF also supports warfighters' digital needs while they are deployed.
Located at Fort Hood, Texas, the CTSF was organized in 1996 under an organization now called the Program Executive Office Command, Control and Communications Tactical (PEO C3T).
Com base no total de hibridos levados a campo (Tabelas 1a 4), tem-se que os parentais masculinos que deram formacao a maiores quantidades de hibridos, foram: TRBK (43 hibridos), CTCG (26), CTSF (26), CTARG (20) e CTC35 (17) em cruzamentos com TCLN (Tabelas 1 e 2); CTARG (18) em cruzamentos com TCLC (Tabela 2); CTARG (20) e CTTR (16) em cruzamentos com TSKFL (Tabela 2); CTARG (34), CTSW (33), TR x LCR (24) e CTQT (24) em cruzamentos com TSKC (Tabela 2); CTSW (51) em cruzamentos com LVKC (Tabelas 3 e 4).
Forcing systems integration, through the CTSF at Fort Hood, eliminated stovepipe systems and facilitated partnering among the various programs.
A risk analysis showed that the software had to be very mature on entry to the Central Technical Support Facility (CTSF) in April 2004; however, there was no slack in the ABCS 6.4 good enough development, testing, training, and fielding schedule, and there was no time for materiel release approval prior to the first unit rotating into theater.
-- Timing of software development and delivery to the CTSF;
Trouble tickets called in or emailed, logged from battalions by the help desk and triaged by the Soldiers and CTSF personnel.
This support falls in line with a small logistic footprint forward concept of the brigade whereas CTSF possess a large number of support links (material and software) throughout the AO as well as CTSF-Fort Hood in the United States.
The CTSF places soldiers, the requirements community, material developers, product managers, industry, software programmers, engineers and technicians, the test community, trainers and systems in one place to rapidly work and rework such challenges, according to a CTSF briefing.
"Tobyhanna, Department of the Army staff, units, the CTSF: If they hadn't backed it 100 percent we would not have been successful.