CTSNetCardio Thoracic Surgery Network
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CTSnet, an ISP serving Southern California, started in 1993 as a division of Datel Systems, Inc.
This new relationship with Tachyon provides CTSnet with yet another product to ensure that our customers have the very best Internet access possible.
CTSnet can provide service to virtually any customer in Los Angeles, Orange and San Diego counties with increased availability at greater distances, higher speed and lower cost.
By joining with an industry leader such as Allegiance Telecom, CTSnet has the ability to broaden our product offerings and better service our customers' needs," said Bill Blue, co-founder of CTS.
CTSnet is committed to making sure this transfer goes as smoothly as possible and welcoming our new customers.
Founded in 1993, CTSnet is a pioneer among Internet providers in Southern California.
CTSnet provides broadband access, web hosting and co-location services to customers in Los Angeles, Orange County, Riverside, San Diego and other parts of Southern California.
Our association with CTSNET has been outstanding," stated Frederick Smith, Rhythms vice president of sales.
During its alpha trial, Rhythms focused on meeting the needs of network "power users" through a trial partnership with San Diego-based CTSNET, which acted as the primary distributor of Rhythms services during the trial, which ended Feb.
While maintaining autonomous individual Web sites and complete editorial control over their content, CTSNet member societies share a common underlying database of cardiothoracic surgical information; graphical, navigational, and technical standards; and COS authoring tools.
COS) and The Society of Thoracic Surgeons (STS) have entered into a five year agreement for COS to act as the publisher of CTSNet, a World Wide Web site for cardiothoracic surgeons.