CTSNetCardio Thoracic Surgery Network
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Another advantage Tachyon brings to CTSnet customers is access for remote or rural areas.
Although local legend says that CTSnet had its humble beginnings in Blue's garage in 1993, the service evolved from works started by Blue in the late '70s when he developed a series of electronic mail messaging systems that ran on personal computers such as the Apple II.
By 1993, it was clear Blue's hobby had taken on a life of its own, and CTSnet was established as a division of Datel.
And CTSnet is the only non-national ISP in the country to sell this product," said Morgan Davis, general manager at CTS Network Services.
CTSnet backs up this new service with free 24-hour customer service, free equipment and installation on some plans (after rebate), ownership of brand new 3Com DSL equipment, and static IP addresses with the ability to network multiple computers.
CTSnet is the Wide Area Networking division of Datel Systems Inc.
CTSnet is committed to making sure this transfer goes as smoothly as possible and welcoming our new customers.
Sony selected CTSnet from among several bid respondents because of its proven ability to properly transfer customers in a seamless fashion.
Datel President, William Blue, started CTSnet in 1993 in his garage with a handful of computers and modems.
Our association with CTSNET has been outstanding," stated Frederick Smith, Rhythms vice president of sales.
Bill Blue, CTSNET technical director, confirmed the results of their DSL stress test.
Businesses interested in purchasing Rhythms NetConnections services can reach CTSNET at 1-619-637-3600, ext.