CTSPCertified Treecare Safety Professional
CTSPComputer Technical Specialist
CTSPCalled To See Patient
CTSPCape Town Stereotactic Pointer
CTSPContractor Technical Services Personnel
CTSPConsider The Source Productions (website)
CTSPCadet Training Safety Precautions (UK)
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As 92% of the total land available in the three developed parks has already been rented, the supply of standard factory buildings in the CTSP is unable to meet the demand, according to the CTSP Administration.
18) Recent community consultations undertaken by the CTSP, for example, were jointly funded by the
The new plant in CTSP is likely to become the largest plant of PET (polyethylene terephthalate) films in Taiwan.
And this, say the experts, is what distinguishes CTSP not only from photovoltaics but also wind power.
As reported previously, on October 27, 2009,CTDC entered into a Stock Purchase Agreement with CTSP and its Stockholders to acquire 51% equity interests of CTSP, subject to a number of conditions, including receipt of an independent valuation report on the business of CTSP.
She added, "We launched the CTSP in collaboration with int@j to support the Ministry of ICT and the Ministry of Labor with the Graduate Internship Program that was launched last year, and to that effect we will be providing the students and fresh graduates hired under the program with training and certifications on the latest Microsoft technologies that will help increase their employability opportunities.
Involving elected officials and influential community members in the CTSP pays off.
The purchase of the new equipment worth EUR 3,6 million was financed out of the own CTSP s funds
Industry insiders said that CTSP plans to provide 1 to 1.
Yang said that the CTSP Administration will hold two large-sized conferences on enterprise invitations in August, with the first one slated on August 8 for Advanced Research Park, and the other on August 15 for Erlin Science Park.
Yang indicated that the CTSP negotiated with the Ministry of National Defense late last year to release adjacent military land so that TSMC, the world's No.
The company is also constructing a new factory in the Houli Base of CTSP, with the five-hectare facility scheduled for completion and mass production by the second quarter of 2013.