CTSUClinical Trial Service Unit
CTSUCancer Trials Support Unit
CTSUCoordination and Technical Support Unit (fisheries and aquaculture reconstruction; Sri Lanka; UN Food and Agriculture Organization)
CTSUCounter Terrorism Support Unit (UK)
CTSUCommunity Traffic Services Unit (Los Angeles Police Department; Los Angeles, CA)
CTSUContractor Traffic Simulation Unit (US FAA)
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The CTSU primarily studies the causes and treatment of chronic diseases such as cancer, heart attack or stroke (which, collectively, account for most adult deaths worldwide).
The worldwide reputation of the CTSU rests upon the precision of its output and the efficiency with which it obtains it.
Actian is processing, at lightning speed, the large-scale epidemiological evidence that is crucial to investigating reliably the causes, prevention and treatment of premature death and disability," said Alan Young, Director of Information Science, CTSU.
The SEARCH trial carried out by CTSU in Oxford tested the effects of almost 7 years of treatment with 2 mg folic acid and 1 mg vitamin [B.