CTTRChained to the Rhythm (Katy Perry song)
CTTRCrash Tag Team Racing (video game)
CTTRCombined Tactical Training Range (defense)
CTTRCalifornia Tumor Tissue Registry (Loma Linda University; Loma Linda, CA)
CTTRCentre for Transnational and Transcultural Research (University of Wolverhampton; UK)
CTTRConnection Traffic Table Row (Cisco IOS for configuring ATM connections)
CTTRCenter for Transportation Training and Research (Texas Southern University)
CTTRCincinnati Transplant Tumor Registry (Cincinnati, OH)
CTTRCipher Text Terminal Ready
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(1) CLEO ('Cleopatra' mandarin), CTCZ ('Carrizo' citrange), TSKFL ('Sunki da Florida' mandarin), CTTR ('Troyer' citrange), TSKC (Common 'Sunki' mandarin), CTSW ('Swingle' citrumelo), TR (trifoliate orange), LCR ('Rangpur' lime), LVK ('Volkamer' lemon) and LVA ('Valencia' sweet orange).
oleivora were found on combinations of 'Pera CNPMF D-6' sweet orange grafted on TSKC x CTTR - 002 and 'Swingle' citrumelo in comparison with LVK x LCR - 010, 'Red' rough lime and 'Santa Cruz' rangpur lime as rootstocks (Figure 1).
oleivora ([F.sub.90,300]=1.3 0 9; P=0.049) in that higher densities were observed on 'Pera CNPMF D-6' sweet orange grafted on LVK x LCR - 010 than those grafted on 'Swingle' citrumelo and TSKC x CTTR - 002 in January 2012 (Figure 3).
The quartiles of cTTR for the warfarin patients were 72.
The distribution of cTTRs across study centres was investigated and interquartile limits were identified.
Such a strategy should include a standardized approach for (1) obtaining and analyzing feedback from experienced claims processors on the appropriateness of non-CTTR training provided by regional offices and (2) obtaining input from all regional office managers and training coordinators on the appropriateness of CTTR course content.
It is possible in CTTR to 'clash' with an enemy racer, who then helps you by either driving or firing weapons at the other vehicles.
trifoliata 'English'), CLEO ('Cleopatra' mandarin), CTCZ ('Carrizo' citrange), TSKFL (Florida Sunki' mandarin), CTTR ('Troyer' citrange), TSKC (ordinary 'Sunki' mandarin), CTSW ('Swingle' citrumelo), TR (P.
O diametro do caule do trifolita 'Flying Dragon' e dos hibridos HTR - 051, TSKC x CTTR - 002 e TSKC x CTSW - 041 e TSKC x (LCR x TR) - 059 foram inferiores ao dos demais.
TSKC x CTQT 1439 - 026, TSKC x CTSW 028, TSKC x CTSW 031, TSKC x CTSW 033, TSKC x CTSW 038, TSKC x CTTR 012, TSKC x CTTR 017 e TSKC x CTTR 028, cujo um dos parentais foi a tangerineira 'Sunki' comum (TSKC), sensivel ao BBS (BARBOSA et al., 1999; NICKEL et al., 2007), foram os que apresentaram sintomas mais agressivos.
* onde TSKC, LCR, TR, CTSW, CTTR e HTR correspondem, respectivamente, a tangerineira 'Sunki' comum, limoeiro Cravo', Poncirus trifoliata, citrumelo 'Swingle', citrange Troyer' e hibrido trifoliado.
trifoliata) 'Troyer' (CTTR), 'Carrizo' (CTCZ), 'Rusk' (CTRK), 'Cunninghan' (CTCG), 'Argentina' (CTARG), 'Sanford' (CTSF), C13 (CTC13), C25 (CTC25) e C35 (CTC35), citrumeleiro (C.