CTTSCertified Tobacco Treatment Specialist
CTTSCircle Takes The Square (band)
CTTSCute Things They Say
CTTSComparative Technology Transfer and Society
CTTSCombating Terrorism Technology Support (US DoD program)
CTTSCooperation Trust Tracking System
CTTSCommon Trouble Ticket System
CTTSCentre de Echnologie des Transports de Surface
CTTSClose Transition Transfer Switch (power management)
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The Ministry of education established a plan to develop the CTTS with a million-dollar grant in 1997 and a commitment to run the system with a limited number of programs beginning in April 1998.
It is difficult for them to have time in their workday for training programs, so CTTS provides mainly asynchronous instruction.
68 times (x), CTTS is dependent on continued growth to meet escalating debt service.
The CTTS system feeds commuter traffic into Austin from the north via SH 45 North and Loop 1, and also allows longer distance commercial vehicles to bypass Austin via SH 130 which runs essentially parallel to Interstate 35.
The TTC provides significant credit enhancement through the commitment to pay operating and maintenance expenses of the CTTS.
The goal of CTR is to retain the core value of CTTS while introducing new, highly relevant, actionable insights into the U.
While associated with Cambridge Technology, Raal acted as Chief Architect for a number of projects, which include the CTTS project for Carey International, among others.
The next step in nicotine replacement treatment is the ability to deliver nicotine directly to the lung and brain, in the same manner as a cigarette, without the 4,000 harmful chemicals in tobacco" said Matthew Bars, MS, CTTS, an expert in nicotine addiction, key opinion leader and consultant to the pharmaceutical industry and Next Safety, Inc.
CTTS alerts the Automation system when new tickets are created or existing tickets are routed.
Staff in each location will be available to work trouble tickets of various priorities once they are referred via CTTS.