CTTSCost and Time Tracking System
CTTSCertified Tobacco Treatment Specialist
CTTSCircle Takes The Square (band)
CTTSCute Things They Say
CTTSComparative Technology Transfer and Society
CTTSCooperation Trust Tracking System
CTTSCombating Terrorism Technology Support (US DoD program)
CTTSCommon Trouble Ticket System
CTTSCentre de Echnologie des Transports de Surface
CTTSClose Transition Transfer Switch (power management)
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Kelly Henson-Evertz, DNP, RNC, CTTS, is an Assistant Professor, College of Nursing, Nova Southeastern University, Fort Lauderdale, FL.
The photon energy of our probe laser pulse is higher than the binding energies of the CTTS state, the contact pair state, the solvent separated state, and a free hydrated electron, but it is lower than the ground state of [I.
The CTTS reaction for bulk water ultimately creates hydrated electrons, (56, 71-73, 82-94) which are the most important transient species in radiation chemistry and biology.
The Ministry of education established a plan to develop the CTTS with a million-dollar grant in 1997 and a commitment to run the system with a limited number of programs beginning in April 1998.
It is difficult for them to have time in their workday for training programs, so CTTS provides mainly asynchronous instruction.
The courses, in web-based instruction format, were developed with the multimedia authoring tool attached to CTTS.
Figure 1 shows the current configuration of the CTTS.
Teachers wishing to take CTTS courses used a computer to register through one of the many public data connections or used a dial-up modem.