CTTSOCombating Terrorism Technology Support Office
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CTTSO is concerned that anonymous networks are a way to successfully traffic drugs, weapons, people and nuclear tech under the radar, the report said.
Under the contract, ManTech will continue to provide the CTTSO and its subordinate offices with Advisory and Assistance Services (A&AS) and Systems Engineering and Technical Assistance (SETA) services.
The mission of the CTTSO is to conduct the National R&D Program for Combating Terrorism through rapid research, development and prototyping.
The CTTSO customer has unique operational and technical demands to quickly deploy advanced solutions in support of the global war on terrorism," said Terry M.
We commend CTTSO for its forward thinking and action oriented approach in addressing ever-increasing threats.
The CTTSO is looking for ways to thwart the bad guys who are employing UAVs.
Under the contract, the DoD's CTTSO will evaluate Decision Sciences' passive scanning technology which uses naturally occurring cosmic ray muons to detect potential threats in cargo, vehicles and other conveyances.
At the improvised device defeat and explosive countermeasures division of CTTSO, the group continues to monitor IED threats, said program manager Edwin Bundy.
It "will be utilized to search under and around comers, doors, interior and exterior walls, fences, through pipes and duct work, and in and through confined spaces," CTTSO materials said.
This can be dangerous for operators and result in collateral damage, CTTSO materials stated.
It should create a blinding light for five seconds and generate "debilitating" sound pressure levels, CTTSO materials said.