CTTSOCombating Terrorism Technology Support Office
CTTSOChina Travel and Tourism Services Online
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CTTSO is concerned that anonymous networks are a way to successfully traffic drugs, weapons, people and nuclear tech under the radar, the report said.
25) The TSWG uses the CTTSO Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) Information Delivery System (BIDS) to disseminate BAA information and collect proposals.
The CTTSO is looking for ways to thwart the bad guys who are employing UAVs.
The attack demonstrated the hazards of handling biological agents and the need to recover as much as possible for forensic analysis, said CTTSO materials.
At the improvised device defeat and explosive countermeasures division of CTTSO, the group continues to monitor IED threats, said program manager Edwin Bundy.
It "will be utilized to search under and around comers, doors, interior and exterior walls, fences, through pipes and duct work, and in and through confined spaces," CTTSO materials said.
This can be dangerous for operators and result in collateral damage, CTTSO materials stated.
Hear CTTSO present 'combating terrorism' requirements in support of: