CTTUCeylon Tamil Teachers Union (Sri Lanka)
CTTUCounter Terror Training Unit (Columbus State Community College; Ohio)
CTTUCompanhia de Trânsito Transporte Urbano (Portugese)
CTTUCentral Trunk Test Unit
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5,343,970 (the '970 Patent), with one key claim limitation reciting that the CTTU provides controllable and variable amounts of torque from two sources (the ICE and the electric motor) to the drive wheels.
56) As to infringement under the doctrine of equivalents, the Federal Circuit found that there was enough evidence that Toyota had an infringing equivalent structure that met the district court's construction of the CTTU claim term.
at 1307 ("This rebuttal testimony, in conjunction with the testimony given during each side's case in chief, provided the jury with an ample basis upon which to evaluate the insubstantiality of the differences between the CTTU limitation and the accused structure.