CTUIRConfederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation (Mission, OR)
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Significantly, the CTUIR had implemented TLOA in 2011, (140) and therefore was authorized to impose enhanced sentences.
The Yakama Nation and the CTUIR, (9) for example, have written official exposure scenarios--creating standardized data sets for tribal behavior that can be "systematically validated" within the terms of U.S.
The CTUIR's Traditional Tribal Subsistence Exposure Scenario and Risk Assessment Guidance Manual, for example, depicts the difference between indigenous and non-indigenous life using a series of stock cartoon images.
For the CTUIR, these differences are not only cultural but temporal as well.
Over the last thirty years, the CTUIR have worked hard to reestablish a sustainable economy.
(39) The Bonneville Power Administration is the federal operator of the lower Columbia River dams and a substantial source of funding for the CTUIR and other tribes in the Columbia Basin.
(41) The WWBWC is directed by a thirteen-person board representing the CTUIR, wildlife, range, dryland agriculture, up-river, up-river range, irrigated agriculture, industry, fisheries, ecology, city, and a member-at-large and the council chair.
Although Washington differs in several ways from its southern neighbor--including having a larger population, (29,30) a larger number of federally recognized tribes, (31) more industry, (32) and two coastlines (the Pacific Ocean and Puget Sound) instead of one--WADOE has looked to Oregon to learn from its success: The water quality standards rulemaking process there won Oregon's Department of Environmental Quality (ORDEQ), the EPA, and CTUIR, plus a facilitator, awards from the U.S.
While the tribes made concessions (Carl Merkle, a salmon recovery policy analyst for the CTUIR, says many tribal members wanted an even higher rate than 175 g/day), the result was something all parties could live with.
The references cited in Table 1 formed the foundation for the initial MDSA of an NIEHS-funded university-tribal collaborative study between CTUIR and OSU [see Supplemental Material (http://dx.doi.org/10.1289/ehp.1103904)].
* Agreed-on mutual review processes: As a two-way document, the CTUIR agreed that it has equal responsibility for timely completion of research tasks and reports.