CTUIRConfederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation (Mission, OR)
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While the tribes made concessions (Carl Merkle, a salmon recovery policy analyst for the CTUIR, says many tribal members wanted an even higher rate than 175 g/day), the result was something all parties could live with.
Cayuse Technologies, 100-percent owned by the CTUIR, will provide U.
Cayuse Technologies is initially filling 15 to 25 positions by recruiting CTUIR members, other American Indians and non-Indians living on or near the Reservation, and it is prepared to grow its workforce to 200 to 250 people over the next two years.
Although scientists at CTUIR and OSU acknowledge that an MDSA is only one element of successful CBPR with an American Indian nation, the agreement described here builds upon important ethical and legal principles and addresses challenges of trust, informed consent, data ownership, and sovereign rights.
The references cited in Table 1 formed the foundation for the initial MDSA of an NIEHS-funded university-tribal collaborative study between CTUIR and OSU [see Supplemental Material (http://dx.