CTVCCalifornia Technology Ventures Corp.
CTVCCareer Tech Vocational College (Temecula, CA)
CTVCCentrepointe Theatre Volunteer Company (Ottawa, Canada)
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For the group of 25 patients, CTVC had a sensitivity of 100% for detecting neoplasms and an accuracy of 89.
It was not possible to determine whether they were malignant or benign using only the CTVC.
Song and colleagues reported that lesions up to 5 mm could be detected with CTVC and that CTVC has a higher sensitivity for lesions up to 10 mm.
It was found that CTVC is a feasible technique to detect and evaluate bladder lesions.
CTVC has also just completed a major six-part series for transmission in the autumn, It Ain't Necessarily So, looking at the controversial relationship between the Bible and current archaeology, with John McCarthy as presenter.