CTVTCanine Transmissible Venereal Tumor
CTVTCommunity TV Trust (UK charity)
CTVTChaparral Television Trainer
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Coding position c.76 was found homozygous (G) in one CTVT sample (DP10) and heterozygous (C/G) in sample (DP3) and (C/T) heterozygous in another CTVT sample (DP6), which appeared as non synonymous mutation and alter the leucine residue to valine in one case and phenylalanine in other case.
c.90 position is found heterozygous (T/G) in one mammary lacerationin sample (DP20) and two CTVT samples (DP3, DP6), which are also non-synonymous mutation and changed the asparagine to lysine residue.
This confirmed Ehrlichia infection to be concomitantly present with CTVT.
The task of chalking out the treatment plan for simultaneous presence of ehrlichiosis and CTVT in an anemic dog was challenging since the therapeutic management of CTVT with cytotoxic chemotherapeutic drugs in an immunocompromised animal could have resulted in further degradation in overall health of dog.
A number of professional photographers including members of the CTVT are participating in the exhibition.
It also matched the DNA of 40 other CTVT samples stored in veterinary schools on five continents, suggesting that bits of the same tumor had circulated and grown in dogs around the world.
Neoplastic plasma cells resemble very much with CTVT cells, i.e.
In case of CTVT some flimsy tissues were collected.
CTVT histochemistry revealed that there were round oval nucleoli, coarsely aggregated chromatin, usually a prominent nucleus and abundant cytoplasm and cells at mitotic stage (Figure - 1d).
Canine transmissible venereal tumor (CTVT), affects predominantly external genitalia is easily transmitted through injured skin and mucosa by transplantation during sexual intercourse (Valladao et al., 2010; Das and Das, 2000).
Though radiological imaging is not specific for final diagnosis of CTVT, it is extremely important to know the extent of lesions and bone invasion (prognostic indicator).