CTWDContact Tip to Work Distance (welding)
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The first simulation was performed to find the welding current response when the CTWD was changed from 16 mm to 12 mm (at time 2.5 s) and back (at time 7.5 s).
The welding torch was positioned at 16 mm (H) from work distance (CTWD) and after 5 ms H was increased to 18 mm, as is presented in the first graph of Fig.
The same welding parameters for wire feeding speed, welding speed, gas flow and contact tip to work distance (CTWD) were used in all experiments.
The heat input (Q) of the different processes; Synergic Pulsed GMAW, WiseFusion and Synergic GMAW, was investigated by keeping constant; welding speed, wire feed speed, gas flow rate and contact tip to work distance (CTWD), then voltage and current were measured.