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Morpho Detection has announced the first sale of its industry-leading, next-generation, compact design, high-performance CTX explosives detection system (EDS), the CTX 5800(TM), for use by the international airport on the Indian Ocean island of Mauritius.
Announced on July 7, the contract will deliver eight high-speed CTX 9800 DSi and six compact CTX 5800 EDS to enhance hold baggage screening and operational capabilities at Cancun International, Cozumel, Veracruz, Villahermosa, Merida and Oaxaca airports.
EL AL Airlines, which procures and operates baggage screening equipment at each of their worldwide locations, chose CTX 5800 to be deployed at JFK Airport to compliment passenger screening efforts.
the detection business of Morpho, Safran group's security unit, today announced its small footprint CTX 5800[TM] explosives detection system (EDS) has been evaluated by the European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC) as meeting European Union Standard 3 requirements.
Morpho Detection is thrilled to supply TSA with their first order of the advanced CTX 5800 explosives detection system," said Karen Bomba, President and CEO, Morpho Detection Inc.
ESBL was detected with a synergy test using disks containing CTX, ceftazidime, and ticarcillin-clavulanic acid (6).
part of Morpho, Safran group's security business, today announced its high-speed configured CTX 9800 DSi[TM] and CTX 9400 DSi[TM] explosives detection solutions (EDS) have been evaluated by the European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC) as meeting European Union Standard 3 requirements.
PK) reported on Wednesday that the company has invested capital worth USD5m in CTX Virtual Technology Inc (CTXV.
GE's CTX 9400 DSi offers customers the potential for reduced false alarm rates, increased operational throughput, reduced operational costs and increased uptime as part of the first step in a new multi-generational product plan for the CTX 9000 product line.
During Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certification tests earlier this year the CTX 9000 DSi was unconditionally certified at a baggage throughput rate of 542 bags per hour, making it the fastest certified EDS in the world.
The CTX 9400 DSi system represents outstanding performance in TSA-certified explosives detection system (EDS) technology.
The upgrade is based on three years of operating experience with the company's existing CTX 5000 SP -- itself the only EDS certified by the FAA to detect all classes and quantities of explosives determined by the FAA to be a threat to civil aviation.